Suit Up

Suits are worn for identity & function. They identify who you are, and are often equipped for what you do. In this study, we discover that God offers to us a suit to wear – that both identifies us as His and protects us from our enemies. Find out how to put on God’s Suit in this series, and help those you love suit up too.

Pray and Obey Series Pray and Obey

October 30, 2016
Barry Smith

Battle Tested Prayer

Going on the Offensive Series Going on the Offensive

October 23, 2016
Scott McFarland

God equips us to Win, not just Survive!

Directional Armor Series Directional Armor

October 16, 2016
Scott McFarland

Proper Protection Series Proper Protection

October 9, 2016
Tyler Lane

Beat Defeat Series Beat Defeat

October 2, 2016
Scott McFarland