Time To Grow

Jesus told us we would be judged by our fruit, and He was right. Just look around the social arena, and you see judgment every day. That’s because we focus on the wrong things. Discover the way to grow more fruit & better fruit as we kick off this series – because this is our Time to Grow.

Self-Control Series Self-Control

April 2, 2017
Don Higgins

Gentleness Series Gentleness

March 26, 2017
Scott McFarland

Strength is not lacking weakness, but being…

Faithfulness Series Faithfulness

March 19, 2017
Scott McFarland

Faithfulness is measured in Fruitfulness

Kindness and Goodness Series Kindness and Goodness

March 12, 2017
Scott McFarland

Pollinating fruit in our lives.

God's RX for Stress: Patience Series God's RX for Stress: Patience

March 5, 2017
Dr. Rick Stedman

Growing Roots of Peace Series Growing Roots of Peace

February 26, 2017
Scott McFarland

Joy Series Joy

February 19, 2017
Scott McFarland

Love Series Love

February 12, 2017
Barry Smith

Weed & Feed Series Weed & Feed

February 5, 2017
Scott McFarland

Producing what Lasts in Life.