Parent Resources

Parents spend way more hours with their students than any youth worker ever will. We want to equip you as your student's primary spiritual provider. Below is a list of resources to better equip you in this mission. 

We'd love to dive deeper with you into this philosophy, any of these resources, and the relationship between parents and students. Please reach out if you have any questions or would like to discuss any of this in more detail! Contact Journey Student Ministries.



Navigating our Digital World - Begins to illuminate the path of parenting in a digital age. Contains stats, ideas, and practical resources for parents who want to thoughtfully approach how they and their students interact with technology together.


Sticky Faith - The rate of graduating High Schoolers leaving the faith is tragically on the rise. Supported by interviews and research we learn crucial practices that help teenagers faith stick well into adulthood.


Hurt 2.0 - A helpful look into teenagers world and how adults can best support and build them up. Life isn’t always as we assume or have experienced in our own pasts.


Faithful Families - A delightful gathering of creative spiritual practices that can be done with the whole family. For any family looking for more ideas to build a family culture rooted in experiencing God.


Phase Guides - This is an encouraging series for parents and leaders that focuses on the many phases of child/adolescent development, and what appropriate interactions, boundaries, and spiritual growth you can expect. Also HERE is their resourcing website.


Techwise Families - Thoughtful approach on how to re-capture your family culture from technology. Addresses healthy boundaries and healthy uses of technology for your family.


Mental Health Resource Guide for Individuals and Families - A spectacular and FREE digital download book. The rest is in its name. Great resource whether just getting acquainted or looking for more support/resourcing.



Orange: Parent Cue - Oranges mission is to support and encourage the relationship between parent’s leadership and the the church’s leadership in helping students grow in faith. This site has blogs, podcasts, videos, and additional resources to equip parents to be the primary spiritual provider!


Fuller Youth Institute - These guys exist to “change the way the world sees young people”. They perform research and author books such as Sticky Faith, Growing Young, Navigating our Digital World, and more. If you are looking for resources to better understand your students and effectively lead them, this is a great place to start. You’ll hear from Ph.Ds, parents, youth workers, and the students themselves.